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A whole list of every type of slime ever created; slime making tips, tricks and strategies; slime ingredients, decoration and storage; or basically anything slime related, can be found here. If you create a new type of slime or don't see a certain type of slime, you can add it! There are just so many types of slime that I think it deserves it's own wiki.

What is Slime?Edit

Slime is a fun, satisfying, easy to make DIY(do it yourself) toy for all ages. It's usually a little messy when making it, but there should be no mess while playing with it. It's similar to dough and kinetic sand, but it's more slimey. It should be easy to remove from skin and surfaces.

Tips and Tricks: Edit

- When to add lotion

Types of slime: Edit

- Fluffy (glue, borax)

- Butter

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